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With over 16 years of experience as a New York City fine art wedding and portrait photographer, Wendy G is the NY Wedding Photographer still known for a natural, timeless style. Wendy G Photography has been featured in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, BRIDES, The Knot, Brooklyn Bride, Essence Magazine, The New York Times, The New York Daily News, and The Park Slope Reader.

You’re a savvy New Yorker. You need a NY photographer who understands you.

You’re looking for gorgeous, timeless photos without any stress. If you’re like me and other New Yorkers, you know who you are and you know what you want. Get in touch with me and Let’s Talk!

engagement portrait in harlem meer taken by nyc wedding photographer wendy g
maternity family portraits at Fort Tryon Park taken by nyc wedding photographer wendy g

With over 16 years of experience as a fine art wedding and portrait photographer, Wendy G is still known for a natural, timeless style. She’s very intentional in creating a hassle-free experience for you. She’s on your side. Through cultivating that special relationship with you plus her expertise as a NYC Photographer, she’s able to deliver consistently stunning images.

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black and white photo of wedding couple kissing in nyc by nyc wedding photographer wendy g

Your love for your work and detail to perfection shine through in every aspect. Thanks again for making our wedding day so beautiful to remember.

Love Elizabeth and Chris

Wedding couple kissing on lawn on private estate taken by NYC Wedding Photographer Wendy G

It was an absolute joy to work with Wendy for our wedding! She understood our goals immediately. From the first meeting until the creation and delivery of our albums, she was a great collaborator.

Robin and Joe

Your Wedding and Family Pictures Should Be Art

How will you pick your Wedding Photographer?

You need a photographer who’s calm, can handle all types of people and situations while still capturing your incredible moments. As a New York Wedding Photographer, I’ve photographed weddings just like yours. Elopements, small weddings, outdoor weddings, hotel ballroom weddings, tented weddings, weddings on the beach, rooftop weddings, and weddings in beloved restaurants are all familiar to me. Read my philosophy about weddings and how I’d approach photographing your wedding day HERE.

quirky photos of NYC Wedding Photographer Wendy G Photography

Hi, I’m Wendy G!

I have an eclectic group of friends and love to travel. So far, I’ve been on 5 continents and to 17 countries…  I have an easy smile and an agile sense of humor… I’m inspired by all kinds of art and, not surprisingly, many of my clients are also artists… I’m sentimental and tear up pretty quickly. I keep a film camera with me at all times capturing my NYC adventures and fun.

New York City Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Wendy G Photography has been creating beautiful wedding and portrait photography in New York City and beyond for over 16 years. She has a fine art style combining documentary and lifestyle photography that illuminates the essence of one’s personality and love. She specializes in the time-honored craft of analog film photography and supplements her work with digital photography.

Wendy G is pleasant to work with, she’s flexible, easy going, and she effortlessly becomes a seamless part of your wedding day. As a family portrait photographer, she knows just how to woo little ones while still making the grown-ups look their best. Wendy G is based in Brooklyn New York but available everywhere. Follow the blog for the latest photoshoots, tips, film photography information, and a glimpse at some of Wendy G’s travels and local NYC adventures.

Your Wedding Photographs Should Be Art

I’ve had the honor of photographing some of the most down to earth, hip, art-savvy couples in New York City. After four or five years of photographing weddings, I looked back at my work and all my wonderful couples and realized that Wendy G Photography wedding couples have an eye for art. I think it comes from living in New York City.

As a Fine Art Wedding Photographer, I easily connect with couples who are also artists. About half of my couples are Graphic Artists. Another thirty percent of my wedding couples have at least one person in advertising or music or theater. And my remaining wedding couples work as costume designers, interior designers or…. school teachers. At first I wondered how school teachers fit in with all these artistic wedding coupes I’ve had. But then I realized that NYC teachers are some of the most creative, resilient, open-hearted people you could ever meet. So there you have it. Wendy G Photography has from the very beginning attracted creative-minded wedding couples.

NYC Is the Ultimate Setting for Your Wedding Pictures

Let’s be honest: there’s nothing quite like a Wedding in New York City. The Big Apple gives you endless photo options bursting with breathtaking scenery, colors, unique architecture and serendipitous moments happening all around. I wasn’t raised here but after all these years I can say I’m a New Yorker. Whatever changes happen in this city, I’m staying.

And the NYC weddings?! Oh my! Where else can you go to get married except here in NYC and have a food truck right outside as folks leave the reception on their way to the subway to get to the after-party? Where else do you find authentic, artistic wall murals (sometimes called graffiti) providing that perfect splash of drama for your wedding photos? Even the New York City Subway stations can look pretty epic in your wedding pictures. And we have acres and acres of parks where you can have your wedding ceremony or just stop by for some gorgeous wedding photos. Here in New York City we have architecture both old and new.

Imagine your NYC wedding photos with the awesome sky scrapers of award winning design or the old bridges and monuments that were major design feats back when New York was young. And we even have plenty of quiet, little hidden gems that are great for photographing couples, especially if you’re a little camera-shy and want to avoid crowds.

New York City has the perfect venue for you

I just love how every wedding couple can find just the right location for their wedding. Even given the same location, I’m always amazed at how each unique wedding couple’s unique vision shines through.

And no matter your chosen location, Wendy G Photography is experienced photographing weddings in every type of space. Whether your perfect location is in a storied old New York hotel or a loft space or a garden or on a boat or on your Brooklyn door stoop, I’ve mastered how to use light, my cameras and lenses, angles, etc to capture your perfect moments beautifully.

Wendy G is the NY Photographer Who’ll Make Your Life Easier

After all these years of photographing weddings here in New York, I’ve learned so, so much. Right from the beginning, I’ve always written down what I’ve learned after each and every wedding. As an experienced, top wedding photographer, I’m constantly striving to offer the best service to each of my wedding couples. Consistency in my approach has always helped me to stay organized and ready for whatever may happen, planned or un-planned.

That’s why in me you’ve found a friend! I have systems in place to scout your location, learn key people’s names and connections, and help create a solid photography timeline all of which sets you up for success to receive photos of all the moments that you want captured.

I’ll work very closely with you and your wedding planner starting months before your wedding to assure that you’ll receive everything you want and more. And with my consistent systems in place, you can relax on your wedding day and just trust me.

I’ll gently guide you when it’s time to do wedding portraits, but for the rest of your wedding day, you should be in the moment and having fun! It’s your wedding day and I want to capture you laughing with friends, hugging family, and moving on the dance floor! So relax — no wedding day is overwhelming for Wendy G Photography.

Wendy G is a New Yorker

Not only will I move quietly and unobtrusively throughout your wedding day, but like most New Yorkers, I can handle any type of personality.

Your uncle Bob who just got a new camera and wants to take hundreds of photos? I see him. I’ll befriend him and he won’t be blocking any of my shots. Does your mom want her own private photoshoot? (Yeah this happens sometimes) I’ll take a few amazing photos of her and then of her with her friends because your parents want great photos too 🙂 And that friend from work who wants to sideline you with a waaaay too long a story while you look like a deer caught in the headlights while your food is getting cold? I can rescue you from that too.

Trust me. I’ve seen it all. I’m here for you. These are some ways that I’ll come alongside you to assist you:

  • I really believe that the wedding day should not be a photoshoot. You are to enjoy your loved ones and be in the moment. Wedding Photography should fit nicely within the overall structure of your day.
  • I believe that I’m here to serve you. So I come prepared with a timeline and lots of ideas but I’m totally open to your ideas as well.
  • I believe that I need to be a good citizen and get along with all the other vendors. The Wedding Planner, Videographer, Florist, etc all want to do their best work, just like I want my wedding photography to be my best work. I’m gonna be a friend to EVERY vendor for the sake of my couple.
  • I believe the Filmmaker or Videographer needs to have their time for great shots and footage too, both candid and artistic moments.
  • A smile goes a long, long way and being kind never hurt anybody.

Your Family Portraits are Heirlooms

Do you realize that getting pictures of your family is more important for your children than it is for you? That’s right. Wendy G Photography is capturing images of your family for your children when they’re older.

She’s a cute, little, helpless newborn today, but one day she’ll be heading off to college and beyond and photos from her childhood will help keep her grounded. And your son who doesn’t even want to sit still for any photos? Guess what, he’ll be a father someday and his heart will roll right over when he holds his son’s photo up next to his own. He’ll get to see himself and his lineage with such pride.

It amazes me how most of our identity comes from our family. And of course you’ll do your best raising your children in this glorious, messy City of New York. But when they’ve moved out and moved on, you can only hope that they’ll remember the good times and forget about the difficult times. These family photographs will help them to remember.

Photographic Prints Matter

Don’t let your child’s growing up years just exist as digital “0”s and “1”s. That’s all digital data is. And if you don’t print your photographs, there’ll be no trace of them in a few years.

Holding a tangible print beats any digital display any day of the week. And if you really want something gorgeous to hold onto, let Wendy G Photography turn your favorite images from your family portrait session into an album. I can’t state it enough. Give your children’s childhood memories real longevity by having a real portrait session and getting real prints.

Looking for Ideas for Portrait Locations?

Wendy G Photography is highly trained and experienced for all types of lighting. So I do many studio portrait sessions using strobe modified to look like window light. I also have a long list of outdoor locations that are great for family portraits.

Here are some of my favorites: Prospect Park is just so accessible and pretty; Harlem Meer because it’s a less crowded part of Central Park; Fort Tryon Park has interesting architecture and really varied landscape; The High Line is another gorgeous backdrop for portraits. If you’re looking for a grittier or more urban scene NoHo, DUMBO, and the Lower East Side are all nice. And if you want something a little more tucked away and quiet I’d recommend Tudor City or Carl Schurz Park.

I also do portrait sessions at your home inside and/or in your backyard. There are so many different types of locations for portraits. I’ll work with you to find out the best time and location.

More About Wendy G

Becoming a Wedding Photographer in New York City was far from my dreams

Like many people, I moved here after my education in pursuit of a job. I fell in love with NYC at the same time I fell in love with photography. I was photographing people and their pets; small events; silent auctions; portraits of my friends and family….. I literally had photographed everyone I knew and needed more of a challenge. So I thought photographing weddings and portraits for other people would do it. And it worked!

I started photographing weddings in NY way back in 2002. My best friend was about to be a bride and I went with her to meet a potential wedding photographer. He was so incredibly kind and generous, allowing me to take photos at my best friend’s wedding, even though I was the maid of honor. I used those photos on my first website and he taught me how to use a light meter and lent me his for a few months. Wow, such generosity! Then a few months later my cousin got married in Jamaica and I was their official Destination Wedding Photographer in Jamaica. Even though I was doing it for free, I put my heart and soul into it. I spared no expense or ounce of creativity. They loved the photos and it made a really beautiful wedding album.

18 Months Later My Photography Website Went Live

I’d figured out some of my costs and my wedding photography products and pricing was organized. Then a lovely young couple in love hired me — my first paid wedding photography gig. I was thrilled! The wedding was in East Williamsburg Brooklyn at a cool rooftop venue. The whole day was magical…. for the couple, for their guests, and yes, you guessed it, even me. I’d just been understanding a little bit about submitting work to wedding magazines and to my surprise, The Knot magazine was interested in publishing photos from that wedding. Yeah!

Then I was Published in The Knot Magazine

Yep, my first paid wedding graced the pages of one of the biggest Wedding Magazines, The Knot. Then I spent the rest of that summer photographing all sorts of interesting weddings all over New York City. One was an outdoor garden wedding and my dad was my photo assistant who actually got some cool shots. It was my dad who got me interested in photography in the first place when I was just 13 years old :-).

Another wedding was at a cool downtown art gallery in the NYC Meatpacking District back when that area still smelled a lot like meat. There were other memorable weddings that summer too. At one wedding my mom was my assistant and sometimes she would tell me to take a certain photo. Mom’s are like that, right? And every time she pointed something out, she was right! LOL 😉

This all happened back in 2004 and I’ve been growing Wendy G Photography into a Fine Art Wedding and Portrait Photography business ever since. I’ve learned sooo much from my clients and all of their weddings that I could write a book.

I love giving tips to help you feel more confident and photo ready

From the booking, the engagement session, preparing for the wedding day, on the wedding day itself, and after the wedding when it’s time to curate the images for the album and design the layout, I’m personally involved. I’ve learned how much work and love and late nights and even some stress my couples experience as they approach their wedding day and then adjust to being married. I’m right there and I just want to do whatever I can to make your experience less stressful and more lovely.

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