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Who would have thought that cute balloons in an engagement session would be such fun? I love this idea! I’ve always encouraged couples to bring along any props or accessories but this was unexpected and perfect 🙂

Central Park Engagement Photos

I just love what Ellyse and Patrick decided to bring for their engagement photos! Couple photos in New York’s Central Park are done over and over again. And I love doing engagement and family photos in Central Park. But these two brought something very special and unique — a bouquet of big, colorful balloons! So much fun. And their outfits were perfect and so characteristic for each of them.

You can use props at your photo session

You can bring flowers, a cool hat, your guitar, your dog or other pet, a whole picnic, or a beautiful blanket. There’s really no limit on how to use unique and very special, personal items for your photo shoot. So what would you bring?

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  1. I love this idea Wendy. Will be hiring you when I renew my 40 years vows. Central Park is my choice for pictures. You take amazing pictures and the posing ideas are beautiful. Zoraida Perez


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