Bring Your Dog to Your Engagement Session

Pets are family, right?

So they should be in portraits too! Here’s an example of how you can include your dog in your engagement session.

While growing up I had a cute little poodle so I know how they wiggle their way right into the middle of everything. I started taking photos as a child and you better know I photographed that little dog endlessly. I took photos of him sleeping, dressed in my dad’s shirt and tie, whenever he looked at me with just his eyes but didn’t actually walk over, etc, etc. My dog was extensively photographed LOL

If you’re a pet mama or dada, you know exactly what I mean. You spend so much time and energy taking care of and loving your furry little pet/friend/son/daughter that it only seems natural to include them in your portraits. Over the years I’ve had a few engaged couples get a puppy and the little dog ends up participating in the wedding.

Dogs are just so happy to hang out with their family!

Even dogs that don’t like to be photographed still look so cute in photos. So include your pet in your engagement session, even if they’re a bit grumpy. Years from now you’ll look at these photos and see their personality shine through.

This is my awesome assistant Jen and her Andrew. We picked the High Line in Manhattan because it has such interesting little nooks and gardens and walkways. And their energetic but polite Wegman (Weimaraner) puppy had so much fun.

I really loved how bringing their dog added another layer of tenderness to the pictures. This little pup brought them closer together and already brought a sense of family.

I bet your little dog would too!

So contact me and lets talk about how to include your dog in your engagement session!

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