Central Park Elopement

Eloping is such a romantic word! You think of a young couple running away together in the middle of the night. How about crossing the Atlantic for an elopement here in Central Park? Now THAT’S romantic 🙂

Central Park is the perfect place for an elopement

There are so many beautiful locations, some well-known, others not so well-known. Either way, Central Park is a gorgeous back drop for any wedding or elopement. Natasha and Daniel literally flew here from Europe, without family or friends, and eloped. They selected the Ladies Pavilion for their vows, but there are so many other locations in the park.

Elopement fashion and style

Of course eloping doesn’t mean you have to leave out gorgeousness and style. I love their outfits! And their pink color of choice — it’s soft and earthy, but clearly pink. Natasha wore her hair down with simple curls and a smart, white floral head piece. And Daniel wore a crisp, three-piece, grey suit. And again, he also incorporated that wonderful pink. Just because you’re having an elopement in Central Park, doesn’t mean you need to dress down or keep in casual.

Central Park’s iconic views

Right after the ceremony we set off for portraits in the park. Central Park has always fascinated me because you get these gorgeous hills, trees, walkways, and bridges and then NYC skyline peeking through. It’s so quintessentially New York City. After portraits in the park we went to Times Square and then Grand Central Station. Natasha and Daniel wanted to capture some classic, world-renown areas of NYC.

Near or far, make Central Park your elopement destination

Clearly, you can easily have a beautiful wedding day experience when you elope. Fewer (or no!) people to worry about; many gorgeous location options; time to take scenic portraits; and less planning stress. Think about it — you can do it!

Are you planning an elopement? Get in touch with me and let’s talk!

Do you love film photography? Great! I specialize in both film and digital photography. This wedding was 100% shot on real 35mm film.

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