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Central Park Weddings are just so classic!

NYC is truly a city but we have so many beautiful parks and gardens. And Central Park is THE park. I’ve photographed many weddings all over Central Park and still, it never gets old. The huge old trees. The curling walkways. Those gorgeous views of the city! And it’s so quiet in Central Park — it feels like you’re hundreds of miles away. It’s like a secret garden. I love Central Park!

Sara and Robert came all the way from Scotland with a small band of close family and friends. They wanted a very classic, timeless experience and started their day at the Plaza Hotel (another classic New York City icon).

Ladies Pavilion is perfect for intimate weddings

The size and architecture are perfect and the views from Ladies Pavilion are just gorgeous.

After leaving Central Park we took a cab over to Times Square for more portraits. They really wanted to get the feel and excitement of NYC in the photos and Times Square was exactly that. I’m sure many of those people were tourists, but that too is an important part of the city. And for UK tourists coming to NYC to get married, why not include some tourists from other parts of the world in your wedding photos?

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