Choose a Lovely Location for Getting Ready on Your Wedding Day

It’s so important to begin your wedding day in a space that’s comfortable, spacious, and full of natural light.

You want ample room for your hair and makeup artists to work, for your crew to get ready, and for you to get into your wedding gown. And as your photographer, I want the best opportunity to create amazing photographs right from the beginning of your day.

In the space where you’ll get ready, I’ll be photographing many of the key moments of your wedding day.

I’ll do still-life photography of details that you’ve chosen: rings, stationery, jewelry, shoes, bouquet, and your wedding gown. I’ll also be documenting some of your makeup and hair process and portraits of you and your crew (family, bridesmaids, friends, etc). So try to reserve a suite or a corner room with large windows letting in lots of natural light. I aim to be as unobtrusive as possible, so working without a flash during this time is critical.

I’m always available to help you as you map out your day.

I want every possible advantage to succeed in photographing your wedding day in a beautiful, artistic way.

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