Coordinating Engagement Outfits | NY Wedding Photographer

Coordinating your outfits is easy.

1. First decide how dressy or casual you want to look.

Raynel and John decided to dress up a bit, like for a date. Maybe they went to a restaurant after we finished these portraits in DUMBO. (Brooklyn has a LOT of good eating!) Or you can go in the other direction and be super casual but cute.

2. Next decide what colors to wear.

Raynel and John went with Green and Blue which are analogous colors on the color wheel. I talked more about how to mix colors HERE. Because they’re analogous, blue and green just naturally go together.

3. If you want to add some prints or stripes, keep the same principles.

Lay everything out together and see how it all looks. If nothing is clashing or too pale or too overpowering, you’ve got a nice coordinated look.

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