Dressing Kids for Portraits | Brooklyn Portrait Photographer

Kids outfits for portraits can be simple. Less is more.

There’s no reason to dress a child for their portraits in a complicated outfit with lots of things to adjust. It’s actually nicer for them to be wearing their typical everyday clothing. When you look back years later at these photos, you want to remember your child as they quintessentially were, not wearing some “special occasion” costume with an elaborate hairdo.

Babies don’t need to wear much.

Babies look great in just a onesie. A white onesie or any color you want is great. And newborns actually look better in just a diaper. To me, a fully dressed newborn always looks a bit uncomfortable and unnatural. As your kids get older and have their own ideas about what they like, let them pick out their outfit, or at least one part of their outfit.

You want your kid to wear the clothes, not the clothes wearing the kid.

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