East River Park Portraits

And before we knew it, we were making pictures.

I’m the friend with the camera

This is from way back in 2004 when I’d just started taking pictures at people’s weddings. And portraits for any of my friends who needed them. This is Jen. She did her own makeup and followed me downtown to the East River Park for portraits. Have you been there? Please go, because you’ll find this amazing bandshell area for live concerts etc. I used to just like going there to sit, look at the water, and hang out by myself. But I also was dying to take some portraits there on my medium format film camera. This is where my friend Jen comes in.

You should check out the East River Park!

Most of you with cars just whizz by hurriedly on your way to somewhere else. But it’s really worth walking through this park, square foot, by square foot to really take it in. I used to ride my bike through this park all the way down to the tip of Manhattan. And I’d literally stop every few minutes, get off my bike, and take photos. And when I got to this band shell, just sit and enjoy the view.

An analog photographer’s photo adventure

Listen, you couldn’t tell me anything! I was shooting with a medium format Contax camera and a Zeiss lens (drool worthy) busy testing all types of film stocks. I had Fuji Reala — remember that amazing 100 speed-delicious-for-portraits film? There was a Kodak black and white film — probably Plus-X because my best friend’s wedding photographer said it was great for portraits. Some cross-processed Fuji slide film even made the cut 🙂 Fuji Provia I think…… Anyway, these East River Park portraits turned out to be everything I wanted and more.

NYC parks are perfect for portraits

As you can see these portraits of Jen at the East River Park were simple and fun, showing off her beautiful smile and personality. Even though we were in a park, the point of going there was the awesome light and interesting architecture. But if you look carefully, I’m not focusing on the park, per se. This park, like so many NYC parks, is a great backdrop with lots of variety. Family portraits, couple portraits, head shots….. you name it and these kinds of photos can be done, beautifully.

Wanna talk about getting some portraits of your own? Contact me and let’s get the ball rolling 🙂

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