Editorial Portraits in Prospect Park

What exactly does editorial mean? It refers either to photos that accompany the text of a magazine article or photos that themselves tell a story. Here we have the latter. I love creating an editorial piece with one fabulous outfit. These are editorial portraits done in Prospect Park while we still had cherry blossoms.

Cherry blossom season makes portraits special

Timing is so key because the cherry blossoms only appear briefly once a year. I can almost smell the scent of these small, sweet blossoms!

Editorial portraits are from your imagination

I love having total freedom to do imaginative portraits. I love taking photos just for myself. Rozalinda and I closely collaborated before and during this editorial portrait session in Prospect park. Everything came together beautifully and we got some really nice creative shots 🙂 Also these types of unfettered photo shoots give me more confidence to shoot for myself when I’m shooting for my clients.

Prospect Park in Brooklyn is a great portrait location

This place literally has dozens of cool, interesting places for photos. I bid you to just wander around. This park has little walkways, interesting buildings, structures, a waterfall, ponds etc, etc. Every time I enter this park, it’s a new adventure for me. And for all you Central Park snobs (you know who you are), slow down! It was designed by the same designers and is just as gorgeous; just a little smaller.

Hey, are you a lover of analog photography? Here are the deets: I used medium format and 35mm film (Contax 645, Holga, Nikon FM3a)

Are you interested in doing an editorial style portrait session? Prospect Park is a great spot but there are many other places. Contact me and let’s talk about working together to create something special.

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