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You may be wondering why someone would go no further than their own backyard for their engagement session. Let me show how awesome at home engagement photos can be 🙂

Your Childhood Home is a Meaningful Location

When working with my couples, I’m always trying to understand what’s meaningful in their relationship. And even your childhood home can be a great location for engagement photos. Maybe you’d like to explore your original home and yard with your love. Maybe you want to show them cool little spots where you used to play when you were young. Or maybe you just have so many happy family memories there, that you feel most comfortable doing your engagement photos there as well. Sometimes we even re-enact an old family photo in the engagement session.

At Home Engagement Photos in Westchester

Joshua Kapelman, of Hilldun, and his fiancé Emily were having a big Engagement Party at Josh’s parents’ home. So we decided to do some portraits right there ahead of time. They were already a bit dressed up, the time day was just right (who doesn’t love portraits during that Golden Hour?) and the scenery was perfect. For their at home engagement photos, we had plenty of outdoor locations right on the Kapelman’s property to choose from, so we took full advantage. They have an amazing pool that is beautifully landscaped. There was also a pond with a few small boats. We came upon Josh’s half court sized basketball court. And all the trees and gentle hills and rocks were just amazing. Here are just a few of their photos 🙂

Are you interested in an at home engagement photos? Contact me and let’s talk about it!

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