Engagement Session Outfit Ideas

This is your time to shine! As you transition from dating, to being engaged, to getting married, this is the perfect time to really express who you are as a couple. Shout it out! Show off how you are totally connected and truly mesh together. Do you have a favorite hobby or activity you enjoy together? Let’s try to incorporate that. And of course your outfits, not that they have to match, should really look like YOU ARE TOGETHER. So let’s talk about how to achieve that cool cohesiveness with engagement session outfit ideas.

Try to dress on the same level of “dressiness”

Meaning try to be cohesive: smart but casual OR dressed up a bit, like for a date. You don’t need to match colors unless you just want to. Keep in mind that if it isn’t wet, we may sit on the ground.

Wear shoes that are comfy for walking (or bring some). If you go the more casual route, sporty sneakers are fun but usually your ordinary athletic shoes don’t convey your style as well.

High heels are great, as long as this is normal for you

I applaud you women out there who rock heels on the regular. Heels always come across nicely in the photos. But sometimes women want to wear a pair of high heels for the photos and it’s their first time! Needless to say it’s not always comfy. You need to be free and feel comfortable.

Regarding the colors, keep it simple

Rich jewel tones, bright colors, or dark colors look best. So stay away from overly busy patterns, or an entire outfit in a pastel. If one of you is wearing something really cool in a pattern, then the other can be in solid colors. As you prepare, you can even put your outfits together and see for yourself if they work or clash. Think cohesiveness.

In terms of outerwear, the same applies. And on cool days, or just for styling, I like layers. Plus if it’s chilly out, you can remove your jackets for some of the images without being too cold.

Accessories give your engagement outfits a special touch

Some type of cute hat for either or both of you gives your engagement session outfit a little mystery and fun. Or what about a cool scarf that you knit with your own two hands? For men, if you like wearing a tie, that can really set off the whole look for both of you and set the tone. Jewelry, a cute little purse, or even a guitar or tennis racket or basketball can be a nice addition if that represents who you are. And don’t forget, sometimes you just want to do something a little fun like using balloons or a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Your Engagement Session Outfit Is An Expression of You

No outfit idea is too much of anything if it reps you. The sky’s the limit! I strive to make your engagement session very much about YOU. So as we talk about engagement session outfit ideas for you, let’s dig deep into who you really are 🙂

Are you ready to book your engagement session? Contact me and I’ll help you sort out ideas for your outfits.

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