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Prospect Park family portraits are just so iconic! Like her sister Central Park in Manhattan, Prospect Park is the backyard, playground, go-to outdoor space in Brooklyn. It’s so large and accessible, every Brooklyn family at one time or another comes here to hang out. So it was no surprise when this family asked me to photograph them in Prospect Park.

Prospect Park Family Portraits

Prospect Park is so intriguing for a portrait photographer like me. It’s huge with incredibly diverse landscape and scenery. I literally never run out of location options for artistic portraits in this park. I love how this family artistically coordinated their outfits around dark and light blue and bright red. With all the leaves bare and the early spring light, their colors just popped so nicely. And the baby’s grandma had knit his hats, scarf, and sweater by hand! (I love knitting). She’d also knit the beautiful pink hat that mom was wearing. Grandma must have enjoyed seeing their family portraits featuring some of her handiwork 🙂

Baby Photos in the Park

This little guy had just turned 1 year old and his parents wanted to make sure this milestone was well-documented. As you can see, he can stand and even take a few steps while holding on. But crawling was still a lot faster for him at this stage. One day, years from now, these photos will give him a glimpse into his upbringing, his family story, his past. He’ll have memories of coming to Prospect Park with his parents, playing with his friends, maybe even going for a stroll there with the woman he’ll later marry. And when his children look at these photos, they’ll be amazed at how much they, as children, look just like him when he was just learning to walk.

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