Fort Tryon Park Family and Maternity Portraits

Fort Tryon Park is one of my favorite places for family portraits. It totally has all my favorite things for portrait locations. It has greenery, winding walkways, shaded areas, arches and interesting architecture. I love watching this park transition through the four seasons each year.

Fort Tryon Park Family Portraits

Since this family was expecting, it seemed like maternity and family portraits were appropriate. Even though mom carries the baby for nine months, and then gives birth, having a baby changes the entire family. So if you’re pregnant, consider including your whole crew in your portraits 🙂

Look Beautiful for Your Maternity Photos

I’ve written about this elsewhere on my blog, Preparing for Maternity Photos, but basically look good and feel good for these special portraits. Wear something that makes you feel beautiful; wear makeup; bring 2 or more outfits; and wear something that reveals your belly’s full-of-baby shape. Even when you’re face is full and your feet and hands are puffy, it’s still worth every bit of effort to look and feel your best.

Changing Outfits for Fort Tryon Park Portraits

As you can see everyone in the family had a second outfit. I love it when time and location allows for a quick change. It was easy because of the New Leaf Cafe was still open at that time. For portrait sessions at Fort Tryon Park, the restrooms are the way to go until the restaurant opens again.

Let Your Child’s Personality Shine Through

As you probably know by now, I’m also a pediatrician. Letting children be children is so important to me and it’s also super healthy for children. I always cringe a little when I hear grown-ups sternly telling a child to “smile” for the camera. When they wrinkle their nose and make odd faces, I don’t blame them! It’s so much less stressful when kids are allowed to be themselves. And less stress equals better photos. Better, more natural expressions on everyone’s face means you get those typical looks that makes your child so endearing to you.

Are you interested in Maternity and/or Family Portraits at Fort Tryon Park? Contact me to book your session!

These were all shot on beautiful 35mm Fuji film 🙂

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