Great Reasons to Have An Engagement Party

Long Live the Engagement Party!

For some it’s just a ritual, but in reality it’s a great moment to toast your upcoming union. Here you get to celebrate with all your close family and friends without any pressure. It can be more casual; it’s all about connecting with your guests; you can make the food as simple or as complicated as you wish; you can have it at home or a park or a great restaurant; there are no rules or expectations to slow you down.

You finally get to introduce everybody.

Childhood friends, family, college buddies, etc can finally meet your fiancé. (Yay!) All the future in-laws can start bonding now and then just have a great time together at your wedding. Plus people really want to congratulate you in person — not just over the phone or on social media, etc.

You can reduce your wedding day guest list.

Maybe you’re planning an intimate wedding and know most of your guests won’t be able to attend. Or the two of you are flying off to some other continent to elope and no one else will be there. You have your reasons and an engagement party is a great way to celebrate with everybody.

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