Hasselblad Portraits

Like most analog photographers, I’ve always held a certain awe, respect, and intense curiosity about Hasselblad cameras. Through a weird series of events I ended up owning a 500 C/M in excellent condition. After photographing the typical “random stuff” in my apartment, I took it for a walk through my neighborhood to pull a few rolls through to make sure everything was working. And wow! Square. Waist-level view finder. Zeiss lens. And the C-L-U-N-K of the shutter. I was impressed 🙂

And once I got the scans back from those few test rolls, I was ready to take it with me to weddings. Fernande and Philippe’s wedding was the first one with my new Hassie.

PS: the B+W Photo is Philippe using the Hassie to photograph his bride

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