Holiday Surprise Proposal in NY

Getting engaged is such an incredible experience, many couples come to NY to celebrate their engagement.

And then there are the adventurous ones who plan a holiday surprise proposal in NY!

Yep, that’s what Morgan did. He was bold enough to plan a surprise proposal to his love Jill right in the middle of the holiday season in NY.

Well before their trip to NY, he contacted and then hired me to capture his proposal to Jill. They were coming to NY during the holidays like so many people — the city is so festive, and colorful, and fun we get many visitors.

So he told me where they were staying and we met up the day before. We strategized where he could do the proposal and where I’d be taking the photos. Then the plan was to walk around some nearby areas to do engagement portraits. He and I even figured out how to get Jill to be a little bit dressed up that next morning for his surprise proposal. I think he told her something about going out for a nice breakfast.

Morgan was great! He brought Jill to the exact spot and I was ready 🙂 Later Jill said that she saw this photographer nearby (me) but didn’t suspect a thing. Jill is also a professional photographer in Atlanta, so it’s only normal that she’d spot another pro photographer nearby.

So anyway, it was perfect! As you can see in the photos Morgan went down on one knee to propose, and Jill was both delighted and utterly surprised. Then we walked around the Rockefeller Center area, Tifany’s, Saks, etc getting lots of fun photos.

Would you like to plan a memorable surprise proposal in NY?

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