Indian Wedding with Analog Photography

This Indian wedding, shot on old school, analog 35mm film photography, is one of my all-time favorites. I absolutely adore the beautiful colors, the vibrancy and the contrast combined with the softness of analog photography. I like to approach all of my weddings, even Indian weddings, the same classic way. Capturing the plot of the main characters: the intro, the build up, the climax, and the exultation of a wedding day takes a lot of concentration and focused attention. Shooting it all on film allows me to do that.

Film Wedding Photography Requires Heightened Senses

Each shot has to count, so a film photographer must lock in to the emotions and activity of a scene. Indian weddings in particular are chock full of activity and fast-paced moments. Shooting an Indian wedding on analog film requires a very focused, intentional, and experienced eye and hand. Looking down at the back of a digital camera every now and then could easily lead to a missed shot. Shooting on film keeps me focused on what’s happening at the moment during my clients’ wedding rather than looking at what’s happening on the back of my camera.

Indian Weddings Are Full of Color

As you can see, there’s no shortage of colors here! The bride and groom, their families, their guests are all dressed impeccably. I’ve been to India twice and one thing that I absolutely love are the colorful textiles and how effortlessly everyone there wears them. Even the simplest school uniform incorporates this ease with color. I love how beautifully analog film by Fuji and Kodak capture the richness of the colors while also maintaining gorgeous skin tones. That’s just amazing to me. Digital cameras absolutely can capture rich, saturated colors, but usually sacrificing truly pleasing flesh tones.

A Wedding of Many Components

Lopa and Neelish had an Indian Wedding contained into one day, which was a great idea. Lopa had her henna tattoo applied the day before. I joined her early in the morning as she was getting her hair and makeup done. Her mom and other ladies in her family were there and it was so beautiful. I loved the entire process. Then I photographed Neelish’s exciting groom’s processional. The majesty, music and dancing was just so exciting.

Outfit Changes Are Perfect For a Wedding

After the ceremony and official farewell from her family, Lopa and Neelish changed outfits. Lopa completely changed her makeup AND her hairdo. I love how her pale blond streak created a bit of natural drama. Even though it’s expected at Indian weddings to have an outfit change, you too can do this at your wedding, of any cultural style. Your photographs will have more variety; wearing a different look will be fun; and it creates the perfect transition into the next part of the wedding day celebration. We used this little in-between time to capture some amazing portraits of Lopa and Neelish in their second outfits.

Film Photography for Every Part of The Wedding Day

One of the best things about using film is how well it handles every type of light.

  • From the beginning of the day indoors while Lopa was preparing
  • To the groom’s action packed processional with Neelish
  • Then to the indoor ceremony using both ambient light and strobes
  • Back outside for portraits of guests, family, and the couple
  • Then back indoors for the reception using on and off-camera flashes plus occasional ambient light

Indian weddings typically have lots of colors and textures. And what I love about film photography is how well it captures everything, at every part of the day.

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