Juneteenth Wedding in NYC

Wanna see what a real Juneteenth wedding celebration in NYC looks like? Check out this fun, colorful, intimate wedding. Kristi and Dwayne curated a very special Juneteenth celebration of Black love and Black Americana. They’ve actually been celebrating Juneteenth together for years. So it was only natural to plan their NYC wedding on this unique day.

What is Juneteenth?

You may be wondering, “What’s Juneteenth? And what’s the big deal about a Juneteenth wedding?” Well to make a long story short, after President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation in early 1863, all slaves in confederate states were legally set free. In fact Union soldiers, some of these soldiers were Black, walked from plantation to plantation reading copies of the proclamation to the slaves to let them know. But in some areas heavily under confederate control, the slaves were not allowed to leave. It actually took two and half years for Federal troops to take control of Galveston, Texas allowing those freed slaves to actually be free. And guess what day it was when the last slaves were informed? June 19th, 1865.

NYC Juneteenth wedding

Kristi got ready at home and Dwayne dressed at his brother’s house. Since the ceremony was at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, Dwayne met me there for portraits before the ceremony. Don’t you love all these colors?!

Juneteenth Wedding Ceremony in Brooklyn Bridge Park NYC

Brooklyn Bridge Park is a very popular location for weddings. And it’s totally obvious. The views are stunning! There are so many places along the park’s waterfront that couple’s pick for their wedding. Kristi and Dwayne picked Pebble Beach which was perfect for their late afternoon ceremony and portraits in DUMBO. Speaking their wedding vows and jumping the broom outside at this little beach felt so majestic. It was powerful because their Juneteenth wedding reflected on all that Blacks have been through, and have overcome.

Just married portraits in the park

This little park packs a punch! You’d never know behind all this greenery and around these winding paths is the East River. Just so beautiful and serene.

Family and close friends gather for NYC Juneteenth wedding

Having an intimate wedding means that you really get to spend time with everyone. And only the closest friends and family are there. It also means we can get photos of everyone 🙂

Wedding photos in DUMBO Brooklyn

I love everything about taking photos in DUMBO. It literally has eh-ver-ie thing I like to give a little oomph to my photos. Buildings with all sorts of texture. Mural art and even some graffiti. The park with the greenery and the water and the views of Manhattan and the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges. There’s even a carousel just for fun 🙂

A celebration of Black Love in NYC

We went over to the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan and took more wedding photos over there. As you can see, it was a beautiful Juneteenth Wedding day in NYC with gorgeous light.

And if you’re a film photography aficionado, yes, this was photographed with medium format and 35mm Kodak film.

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