Luxe Flush Album | NY Wedding Photographer

Another gorgeous, gorgeous album by Leather Craftsmen

I absolutely adore this album! It is just so gorgeous. I’ve been using Leather Craftsmen for my couples’ wedding albums since the very beginning of my business. My very first clients were my cousin Tony and his wife Dena back in 2002 and they received a beautiful matted album by Leather Craftsmen. They’re a 3rd generation, family owned business based right here in New York. Because they’re so popular among seasoned, top wedding photographers, they also have a location in Los Angeles.

For this lovely gem, Lisa and Brian picked the flush style, with the slightly distressed leather in this poppin’ color, the imprinting, etc. I worked on the layout and they tweaked it a few times until it was exactly what they wanted. I was so excited to design it and then place it into their hands. Their children and nieces and nephews will be looking through this album as the years go by. This is their first family heirloom. What will your wedding album look like?

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