NY City Hall Wedding

Perfectly Planned NY City Hall Wedding

Amalie and Greg were living on two different continents when they planned their NY City Hall Wedding. But everything was so well done! Their outfits….. Amalie’s bouquet and Greg’s boutonniere…. the early morning ceremony, etc. And based on my experience, I was able to help Amalie and Greg pick their locations for portraits right after the ceremony.

As soon as the ceremony was over, they had some really cute first blush portraits near City Hall. There’s a small garden area and some walkways right near the Marriage Bureau. After we finished in that area, we took the subway to Grand Central Station for some portraits inside and outside. Then we took a short cab ride to Central Park for some more gorgeous portraits.

They had diverse scenes for portraits

We took advantage of the diversity of New York City landscape and architecture. The downtown area near City hall has one type of urban landscape, Grand Central Station has its own unique architecture and details, and finally Central Park was bursting with the plants and colors of spring. So it turned out to be a beautiful, simple wedding ceremony followed by gorgeous wedding portraits in 3 classic New York City locations.

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