NYC High Line Portraits

What a joy this little guy was! We just walked along a small segment of the NYC High Line to get his portrait. And he presented me with every sort of facial expression. Sometimes he was coy. Sometimes he was funny. Sometimes he pretended to ignore me….. etc, etc. You get it.

Only authentic moments please

As with all my other portrait sessions with kids, I’m always looking for the authentic. Not the formal. Not the pretend smile. Not the “Cheeeeese!” smile too many well-meaning parents force out of their kids. No. No smiling on command (please). Just let them be. Someday they’ll be gone, living on their own somewhere. And you’ll crave for reminders of who they were when they were little. You’ll reminisce over their quirks and silly faces and all of it. So when I’m photographing your little one, let them be. Don’t force them to feel some kind of way or make some kind of fake smile. Let them be. Let them be.

The NYC High Line is perfect for year round portraits

It has wonderful partnerships with mostly private donors — corporate and many every day New Yorkers. It’s always bursting with seasonal flora and dozens of large and small gardens along the way. It’s also a great place for viewing outdoor art instillations.

And, as is my preference, all of these photos were shot on 35mm Film 🙂 Usually I’m shooting with two film cameras. So in this last photo, he’s holding my camera with Black and White film as I photographed him using my camera with color film.

Interested in authentic photos of your family? Get in touch with me and let’s talk.

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  1. Wow, these are incredible!! What’s the camera you have color film in? The tune is so nice and the photos are so sharp! And both with super sharp 50 nifty?


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