NYC Street Photography on Film

These are from a roll of Fuji film pulled through my Pentax K1000.

That Pentax is my favorite “Walk Around Camera” because it’s 100 percent manual, 100 percent mechanical and can easily be thrown into my purse or tote. The meter on that camera has long since died, but I prefer my handy-dandy incident light meter anyway. I’ve had the same Sekonic light meter since around 2005.

My definition of a “Walk Around Camera” is the camera that I carry with me.

So when I’m inspired to take some photos, or pass by something I want to remember, I just grab this camera and take the picture. It’s fun! And because I have a few other cameras that serve this purpose, sometimes one roll will be in a camera for months. Sometimes when I get the film developed and scanned, it’s already another season or even the next year. It’s like a little treat to get my scans back and find all these cool little pictures.

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