Wedding Albums

See how hundreds of photos get curated and narrowed down into a cohesive wedding album design. Each album tells the story of the wedding day in about 100-180 images, depending on the number of spreads in the album. The videos below are also on my YouTube channel.

Fine Art Book Albums

This style has a very contemporary, clean layout with white space. And it’s printed on mat, fine art paper. The spreads are attached to each other and there’s a tiny folded seam down the middle. There are many, many different combinations available to fully customize this style wedding album. I’ve got videos showing off a few of them.

  • box for wedding album
  • blue Japanese silk wedding album
  • wedding blue fine art book cover
  • opening spread wedding book
  • art book wedding album
  • art book spread
  • fine art wedding album spread
  • couple portraits in fine art book
  • BW wedding album spread
  • fine art book
  • couple portrait in fine art book
  • wedding fine art book
  • wedding album spread
  • wedding reception spread in album
  • Fine art book wedding album
  • fine art book cover

This beautiful, vertical Fine Art Book is for a two-day wedding celebration. Their album really reflects the relationships, the key people in their lives. It’s covered in indigo Japanese Silk cloth with copper colored embossing.

Four Different Fine Art Wedding Albums

This first video shows the details from two Fine Art Books. The first one is covered in leather and the second has a wraparound photo cover. At the end of the video I introduce two albums covered in fabric. And both of these have their own YouTube videos, shown below.

Fine Art Book Wedding Album covered in shimmery fabric

This wedding took place on the Fourth of July in Chappaqua, NY. The couple choose a lovely, historic mansion for getting ready, the outdoor ceremony, and the reception. Their wedding album is covered in a fabric similar to the color of bridesmaids’ dresses.

Fine Art Book Wedding Album covered in book cloth

This wedding was in Islip, NY on Long Island. And the ceremony and reception took place at a lovely restaurant called Tellers. It’s called Tellers because they used to be a bank 🙂 Check out my blog post, Tellers Chophouse Wedding.

  • cover of wedding album in cape cod
  • opening spread in cape cod album
  • cape cod wedding album
  • fine art book wedding album
  • fine art book wedding album wendy g

This slideshow above are photographs of this couple’s wedding album. They got married on the beach in Cape Cod, so they featured a photo of the waterfront as the cover for their album. Check out this blog post of their Cape Cod Wedding.

Luxe Flush Wedding Albums

This is called a flush mount album because each spread is permanently attached to a firm card stock. The layout style is clean, much like the Fine Art Book above. Then it’s printed on traditional photographic paper, mounted to card stock, and split leaving a tiny center seam.

  • top wedding photo album by Leather Craftsmen cover
  • top wedding photo album by Leather Craftsmen inside
  • top wedding photo album by Leather Craftsmen opening spread
  • top wedding photo album by Leather Craftsmen example spread of bride
  • top wedding photo album by Leather Craftsmen example spread
  • top wedding photo album by Leather Craftsmen ceremony spread
  • top wedding photo album by Leather Craftsmen flush style

This album covered in distressed leather in a deep red is another example of a Luxe Flush Wedding Album. It can include gilding on the edges and this couple chose gold for the gilding and the cover printing. Read more about this album on my blog post Luxe Flush Album.

  • hamptons wedding finished album design by wendy g
  • hamptons wedding book wendy g
  • southampton wedding book wendy g
  • catholic church wedding southampton ny wendy g
  • wedding in southampton album wendy g
  • wedding album in southampton new york wendy g
  • hamptons flush wedding album wendy g photography

Check out this other Luxe Flush Album covered in a Japanese silk cloth. The wedding was in Southampton NY at the bride’s Catholic Church and the Southampton Historic Society and Museum.

Luxe Matted Wedding Albums

At last for you modern but slightly traditional couples, I offer this gorgeous matted style wedding album. Each photo is an individual print, printed on photographic paper. Then it’s mounted into the album with a mat surrounding it. Just like if you took a photo to a frame shop and had a mat around the print, then the frame. The mat can be white, as I’ve often used. But you can also have black mat, or cream, or grey. The cover can also be leather or fabric.

  • Leather Craftsmen Wedding Photography Album
  • luxe matted album wendy g photography
  • luxe bridal album wendy g photography
  • matted album analog wedding wendy g
  • luxe matted album wendy g
  • westchester wedding couple wendy g photography
  • back matted album wendy g

Steff and Matt’s wedding was at the Athletic Club in Westchester. And since Steff is an interior designer, her ideas for the album cover were very modern and unique. They chose this gorgeous book cloth with silver imprinting and silver gilding. And of course the black and white photo is the icing on the cake!

  • luxe matted album new haven wendy g
  • bridal portraits at yale wedding wendy g
  • Catholic wedding ceremony new haven yale
  • yale new haven wedding party on film
  • matted wedding album details
  • yale wedding album details wendy g photography
  • hong kong wedding tea ceremony new haven wendy g
  • matted leather craftsmen album wendy g

And this last matted wedding album is a stunner! Rich black leather with silver trim on the outside. They also choose white mats for the inside. The white mats really look great with colors and black and white images. Plus the white mats are very understated and timeless.

Wouldn’t you like an album for your wedding photos? My couple’s have told me over and over again that the album is the best way to tell the story of their wedding day. It just pulls it all together.