Perfection as the Enemy

Who told you your wedding day was supposed to be perfect? Here’s a hint: it’ll be perfectly IMperfect. That’s right. Your wedding day will be exciting, wonderful, and fun. But it can’t possibly be perfect.

Life is a complicated mixture of emotions

And your wedding day is no different. A good friend may have to cancel at the last minute. Maybe a loved one has recently passed away, and the weight of their absence is heavy. Perhaps it starts to dawn on you what “until death do us part” really means. It means life as you’ve known it is over (smile). Whatever little shifts in emotions you experience, not everything will feel 100% joyful. It’s complicated, just like real life.

Perfection is humanly impossible

You’ll diligently work with your planner and hire the best professionals you can. And then at some point, you’ll let them bring your dreams and your plans to life. You’ll have to let go and trust them to do their thing. There’s a reason, after all, that you’ve hired these various people. But they’re still people.

Maybe your bouquet won’t look precisely like what you were expecting (maybe it’ll look even better!) Maybe someone in the bridal party forgets to pack their shoes that match everyone else’s (gasp!) Maybe your groom is so excited he accidentally drops your ring off the oceanside cliff during your ceremony (true story). Etc, etc. I’ve witnessed all of the above and more. But guess what, the real fun starts after the wedding day when your actual marriage begins.

Choose joy over perfection

Strive to be happy and to spend time with all those people who’ve made the sacrifice to be there. But don’t bother striving for perfection. And this goes for life in general. Perfection is too heavy a burden to bear. If you spend all your energy chasing after something so elusive as perfection, you’ll never be happy with anyone, but most importantly, you’ll never be happy with yourself. Therefore I say, choose joy over perfection.

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