Portrait Tip: Why Mom Should Be in The Picture

Calling all moms! Calling all moms! Please get into the picture 🙂

Too Often I have to make multiple requests, almost begging the mom to get into the picture. Sure I get it, you need photos of your children for grandparents, cards, gifts, etc. And you’ll probably share a few with close friends on social media. But hello — get in the picture! At least a few!

I never have to ask twice to get dad into the picture.

Dads just get right in. But moms? (sigh) Moms tell me they want to loose 10 more pounds; they haven’t been to the hairdresser in too long (grey roots); they didn’t have time to do their makeup “just right”; the grandparents really only want to see the kids; they’re not in the mood for photos, etc, etc, etc….. Wow.

But these photos aren’t actually for you. They’re for your children, later.

I hate to be the bearer of sad news, but you won’t be here forever. I know adults who’d pay any amount of money for just one photo of them with their mom. Notwithstanding those grey roots and your extra 10 pounds, your kids just want to have a picture with you!

So please mom, get into a few of the pictures. Your babies will grow up and someday be so grateful to have that one photo with you.

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