NYC Elopement by Wendy G Photography

What a fun-loving, exuberant wedding couple! Tracy and Elliott came all the way from The UK for their NYC Elopement. It was romantic, and full of surprises, and stylish, and memorable, and it rained.

Here’s an idea….. Don’t worry about the weather on your wedding day

Let it be a fun, warm, special part OF your wedding day. Rain or snow or wind or whatever it may be, let the weather make its contribution to the unique look and feel of your wedding. I love the way Tracy and Elliott decided to just enjoy the rain while they enjoyed each other.

When we arrived at Central Park, the rain was just beginning. We’d brought a cute little bridal white umbrella (just for 2!) that ended up being perfect! I loved Tracy’s style with the vintage-inspired dress, her colorful shoes, and her red nails. Who says you have to wear barely-there nail polish on your big day? A colorful manicure can make it really personal, really you. Her red nails just added to the gorgeousness 😉 And let’s be honest, if you’re coming to NYC for an Elopement, unique colors and styling fits the bill.

A New York City Elopement

After the ceremony the wonderful little sparrow pulled up and starting “singing” so beautifully. We decided it had come to celebrate Tracy and Elliott’s beautiful union. Then we walked through a not-too-crowded Central Park taking silly photos, romantic photos, playing in the rain photos….. you get the idea. And we finished our photo session at Grand Central Station — one of my all-time favorite locations for photos in NYC. Cheers to Tracy and Elliott!

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