Spoiler Alert: youer than you

Do you know yourself? Everyone knows a DIY Bride. But are you ready to be a Be Yourself Bride?

I’m enjoying this movie for the umpteenth time but mostly hoping my friends are enjoying it too. They’d asked me for a movie recommendation and I named a whole bunch of stuff. (I’m a closet cinema nerd who reads all the closing credits). 

So after deciding on “The Runaway Bride”, I was secretly hoping they’d at least like it. They don’t really veer from what’s considered popular; and they were a bit young when this one came out. But they liked it!

So I’ll tell you what I told them: my favorite part was that she finally decided to find out who she was. 

Multiple times she’d walked down the aisle to marry a man who didn’t know her, because she didn’t know herself. As she morphed into whatever each man wanted her to be in each of those relationships, deep down she knew something wasn’t right. So she ran.

And we’ve all been there. With a BFF or an SO we’ve tried to be like them or be what we think they think they want….or whatever. Until you find those relationships where you’re so YOU.

It takes a little soul searching, a little digging, and a lot of honesty. But eventually we all get there. That wonderful place where we’re not performing, we’re just being. 

Your wedding day should feel like that too. Sure you’ll be dressed up, plucked and primped and feeling fabulous. But all the fanciness should reflect who you are. 

“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.”

– Dr. Seuss 

Sorry but I had to pull Dr. Seuss in, he simply has the best #lifequotes.

So as I was saying, your wedding day, of ALL the special days in your life should not be a long list of rules and regs. It should be freeing…. It should be you being you and all your people celebrating the you-ness of you….

You don’t like bouquet and garter belt tosses? Toss ‘em out. Clueless why people want their bridesmaids in the exact same dress, hairstyle, and shoes? Let them pick what fits their bodies and hair and feet. A grown woman knows what flatters her and what doesn’t. Tired of everyone telling you, “It’s YOUR day!”? Deep down do you really just want your soon-to-be husband to have the greatest day of his life? Maybe he’s never once been properly celebrated.

I dunno. You tell me. Are you tired of the same ole’ script? Are you brave enough to pick and choose and curate your own wedding? I hope so. Cuz you’re worth it.

Are you planning a wedding that’s as unrepeatable as you? Contact me! I’d love to discuss everything with you.

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