Summertime Belvedere Castle Wedding

Small Central Park weddings hold a special place in my heart. There’s something so sincere, so pure about getting a few friends and family members together for an outdoor wedding in the park. Belvedere Castle for a wedding is great because it’s elevated and offers gorgeous views of Central Park and beyond.

J+J and their guests flew in from Europe for their wedding. How exciting!

Blue and orange color palette

I’m always encouraging couples to explore interesting color palettes for their wedding day. And if you just want everything in black and white that’s cool too! But exploring the color wheel yields such unique and beautiful tonal blends. Blue and orange are complementary colors, complete opposites on the color wheel, and therefore they go well together.

I love the umbré blue dresses the bridesmaids wore. They look so easy and breezy — perfect for a warm summer day. And the orange gerbera flowers are vibrant and full and a perfect match for the rich blues in their dresses.

A wedding ceremony with a view

It felt a bit like a hike, walking through the park to get to their wedding at Belvedere Castle. But the reward was worth it. It’s almost exactly in the middle of Central Park, and the views from there are amazing.

Wedding portraits in Central Park

After their wedding ceremony we did a few group photos at Belvedere Castle before taking a walk in the park. We wove through both hidden and classic spots within the park and took photos as we went. It was a beautiful way to end up back on Central Park West to meet the guests.

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