Tellers Chophouse Wedding

Ellyse and Patrick‘s wedding at Tellers Chophouse really showed me how well a wedding can be done at a restaurant. They had very clear ideas about their style, colors, and overall vibe and this was the perfect location.

Why not get ready for your wedding at home?

I love how Ellyse did all of her wedding day preparation at home — in the same room she had when growing up. This created a really sweet contrast between Ellyse as a young girl/teenager and now young woman about to be married. The same soft pinks of her room were used throughout her wedding day.

It was also cool to have Ellyse’s parents and brother bustling about, everyone getting ready. One of my all-time favorite, killer albums, Stevie Wonder’s “Songs in The Key Of Life”, played through speakers throughout the house. Great music = warm vibes. And just so you know, Patrick (Patrick Andy) is a phenomenal musician who’s played with all sorts of major Jazz and other artists. He’s even written and produced two great albums. Check out is his website!

Another sweet touch was that their wedding at Tellers Chophouse was right near the house. Like a 5 minute walk 🙂

Getting photos of the groom and his best man and groomsman is something I always like to do. Even if it’s later in the day. I captured Patrick and his best man Andrew at Ellyse parents’ house after the ceremony and reception were over.

Wedding ceremony outdoors at Tellers Chophouse

When I arrived before the ceremony I was delighted to see what the florist had done! This florist really did an amazing job. Check out the little archway where they stood for the ceremony — just gorgeous. Keep scrolling because you’ll see even more botanical gorgeousness later.

Their ceremony was about 30 minutes and included laughter (thanks to Pastor Will’s jokes); sincere, personal vows; and beautiful singing by Ivory McDonald. Ivory, BTW, not only sings with the Patrick Andy Band, but she also has her own solo album project

Tellers Chophouse has a beautiful, wedding-ready interior

I loved stepping into this space and sensing the coziness, luxury, light, and beautiful design. Tellers Chophouse used to be a bank and like many old school banks, it has lovely details and super high ceilings. The flowers, decor, and other little touches really turned it into the perfect place for a wedding celebration. Check out what an amazing array of flowers and vines and succulents their florist used! Just spectacular. And the cake and little cupcakes decorated like roses were just too cute!

Tellers Chophouse has high ceilings and combined with the expansive windows, it has such pretty light. There was no need for special lighting or other effects because the natural light was perfect.

A short walk back home from a beautiful wedding

It was fun to have an early summer wedding with lots of light even after the reception. We took the 5 minute walk back to Ellyse’s parents home and did a few more pictures.

Are you a “pixel peeper”? This entire wedding was captured on 35mm Film.

Planning a wedding at Tellers Chophouse or some other restaurant? There are so many ways to make it beautiful! Email me and let’s talk about your wedding.

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Wanna see what their wedding album looks like? See it here on my YouTube channel

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