The Benefits of The First Look on Your Wedding Day

As a wedding photographer here in NYC, I’ve experienced that special moment on the wedding day when the groom sees his bride for the first time. And every single time it’s a moment bursting with love, and hope, and smiles, and expectancy…. every single time it’s exciting. But at a first look, the emotions are totally raw. Let’s talk about the benefits of the Wedding Day First Look.

The Wedding Day First Look is So Meaningful

Somehow when that first moment happens during the ceremony, there is so much to pay attention to. Walking and not tripping. All the people who are staring. Hoping that your beloved likes how you look in your outfit…. and on and on. But at a first look, there’s no one else to please, there aren’t special rules to heed, you don’t need to walk in a special way, there’s no special timing, and no one will see your tears except your beloved.

A First Look in the Hamptons

And as you can see in these few photos of Sara and Rafael, no emotion was held in or delayed. The moment was so free and innocent you can feel every bit of their love in the photos.

Would you like me to capture your first emotional moments of seeing each other? Contact me and let’s talk about the benefits of having your Wedding Day First Look.

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