The Rainbow Room, an Iconic Venue

Have you ever been to the Rainbow Room? Here and there I’m hired to photograph events or decor for event designers. I worked again with the amazing Marc Wilson of The Style Marc for someone’s very swanky fiftieth birthday party. See another venue that I photographed for Marc, Chelsea Factory. Well this time, Marc and his team completely transformed Bar SixtyFive of the Rainbow Room. This particular Rainbow Room venue is on the 65th floor at the Rockefeller Center. Imagine 360 degree views of Manhattan from that iconic location.

This classic NYC venue is still a classic

I can remember hearing about this classic “Rainbow Room” in movies, books, and magazines. I’d imaged what it would look like, but I actually had no idea. Fast forward to years later and walking in to this venue was a bit surreal. It’s gorgeous. It’s retains much of the 1930’s architectural detailing. And it feels both romantic and schmoozy. Plus the view! From 65 floors up NYC looks magical. For some people a classic venue like the Rainbow Room seems outdated. It’s not for you if you want a loft space or a barn or an industrial space or whatever is currently trending. But for people like me who like timeless, classic things, this place is perfect.

Bar SixtyFive venue at the Rainbow Room

This space has a spectacular ceiling, 360 views of Manhattan, and is just the right size for a medium sized guest list. It seems to me to be the perfect venue for a jewel-like event. Small-ish but luxurious in every way. As you can see in the photos, you can have soft, interesting lighting with the winking and twinkling lights of Manhattan just outside. Of course, Marc and his team brought to life a truly fabulous vision for this fiftieth birthday party. So many beautiful touches!

Wow your guests with the Manhattan skyline

Everyone has heard of Top of The Rock, right? But do real New Yorkers ever go? I have a sneaking suspicion they/we don’t. We have so many other fun and New York-y things to do. Waiting in line to buy tickets to wait in line just to see a view? That’s kinda for tourists. But if your venue is the Rainbow Room, your guests are brought straight to the sixty fifth floor, they walk in like, “WOW! This is ah-mazing!” It really is like a little jewel. A little hidden jewel, hidden high in the sky, above the fray. I say, go check it out 🙂

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