This is Me, Wendy G

Hi there, this is me, Wendy G. Normally camera-shy, often smiling, but here, I’m staring you down.⁠

black and white portrait of Wendy G

I don’t know how my eyes look to you, but I see me seeing everything.

⁠I literally notice the most barely-there things. ⁠

Like your new hair cut or lipstick. When you’re not feeling well, upset, tired, or in disbelief. Or when you’re low-key full of joy. ⁠

I don’t know where I got this stare, this gaze. I’ve been told that sometimes I’ll look right through you. I dunno. I just notice people and how they are.⁠

This was taken by my friend and classmate @MihoGrantPhotography June 2004. We were just starting out as pro photographers and took an amazing portraiture class by @Stein.Harvey at the ineffable @ICP

I’m so thankful for those times. The early years of Wendy G Photography. I was just starting to realize that God gave me eyes to really SEE people. To see them as He sees them. And to turn that glimpse into a picture that blesses them.

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