Vacation in New Orleans

This is way pre-pandemic stuff. I went to New Orleans for my cousin’s wedding. But lately I’ve been looking at my old vacation photos and planning my next big excursion. It’s been a few years, so I’m ready to get back out there. Enjoy these photos from my vacation in New Orleans (1st time going there too!)

New Orleans is so colorful

I love all the pastel colored houses and buildings. Even the signs, cars, bikes, and interior designs were colorful. Taking vacation photos in New Orleans was fun because there was something interesting literally everywhere.

Personal photography is so important

What you probably don’t know is that I’m constantly taking photos of my life. Vacation, family, friends, get-togethers, things in the house, my knitting projects, my roller skates, etc are all subjects for my photos. Plus I take photos for my church each week. All the personal photography has really helped my professional photography. There’s something about having a camera in my hand which causes me to “see” more. While on vacation in New Orleans, taking photos helped me to truly experience the place.

Wedding guests have all the fun

I had a blast just being a guest at my cousin’s wedding. It was nice just hanging out with my extended family, catching up, going from table to table, and moving at a leisurely pace.

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