Wagner Cove Wedding | Central Park Wedding Photographer

Wagner’s Cove in Central Park is one of those off-the-beaten path spots. It’s technically a boat landing, so it’s right on the water. It’s quite secluded, surrounded by little hills. So you can really feel far, far away when you’re down there.

Therefore it makes an excellent location for wedding vows!

Angela and Logan were each relocating to NYC so they thought a wedding in Central Park would be perfect. And it was 🙂 Angela got dressed at a little boutique hotel nearby and we just walked on over to the park. I so enjoyed photographing their wedding in Wagner’s Cove — it’s just so cute! And after exchanging their vows we wound our way through the park, back to the Upper West Side.

They had a relatively small budge for their wedding, so they saved here and there whenever possible. Angela actually baked their wedding cake. I love that! And I already wrote about how Angela got this gorgeous dress for just $9 here. But in general they made their budget-friendly wedding very sweet, feasible and fun.

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