Wedding Details Matter

Have you ever designed an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime event but never actually saw what you designed? That’s kinda what happens on your wedding day! You painstakingly curate a beautiful collection of details that rep your love story and your design aesthetic. But guess what, much of it only your guests will see. Or maybe you’ll see some parts but you’ll be so distracted, excited, happy, nervous, and/or teary-eyed you won’t be able to take it all in. That’s why photos of your wedding details matter SO much!

Wedding Detail Photos Matter

You will spend a considerable amount of time deciding on the color palette, the mood, the overall feeling, and the design of your wedding day. Maybe you’ll want to use little nostalgic items that reference to when you two first met or a special date you had. Photos of these little details are important.

And because it matters so much to you, it matters to me

My goal is to get all of your wedding detail photos — from getting dressed to the ceremony to your outfits to the reception and whatever else you’re planning. With the help of you and your wedding planner, I use a checklist and a timeline to make it all happen. And you know what? Photos of the reception space with centerpieces and seating cards, etc must be done before any guests enter the room. It only takes me 20-30 minutes, but that time is well-spent. What you probably don’t realize is that by the time you enter the reception, every thing will have been altered. So these detail photos from this part of the wedding day are the only way you’ll really see how it all came together.

There’s beauty in the details :-)⁠

These wedding detail photos may just look like a series of still life portraits, but for each of these couples, it’s a way to see the little details while they were still fresh. It reminds them of the day they got married and the beautiful, unique design they curated.

Are you knee-deep in wedding planning? Are you looking for just the right photographer capture all that matters? Email me and let’s talk about your big day!

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