Wedding in The Hamptons

There’s nothing I love more than family gatherings, pink peonies, and weddings. Photographing this wedding in The Hamptons combined some of my favorite things and more. I really loved how Cindy and Matt created this elegant, beautiful wedding with so much heart and soul. They really focused on their relationships and not items.

Photographing pre-ceremony preparations

I was able to capture Cindy at her parents’ home and Matt at a local hotel while they each got dressed. Cindy’s little brother was the best man so of course he was there with Matt 🙂 Having great light and some room to move around made it very easy to photograph this time quietly, at both locations. Being unobtrusive is very important to me. I really just want your wedding day to proceed without interference or any disruptions, .

Photos of their tender first look

They wanted to have a brief first look to see each other and exchange private words right before the ceremony. So they’d scouted out a cute little park in Southampton and we arranged for their special moment there. Honestly, there are so many different ways to do a first look before the wedding. But here, Matt was waiting for Cindy as she approached him from behind. They hugged, and cried, and talked, and then I took a few photos. It was so sweet! They so enjoyed their little time of encouragement before the ceremony.

Wedding ceremony at The Southampton Inn

Everything was so cute! I loved all the ways their florist decorated the area with flowers. And seeing Cindy’s little brother there so proud to be the best man was really cool. Venues for outdoor weddings in The Hamptons are plentiful, but I really liked the set up at the Southampton Inn. The ceremony area offered enough shade at that hour so guests could see without squinting or baking in the open summer sun.

Group photos needn’t take a long time

One thing that’s always been important to me is for my couples to enjoy their wedding day. The last thing I want is to tie up time on their wedding day just for posed photographs. Cindy and Matt were keen on joining all their guests at the cocktail hour, so we took some fun photos, but very quickly.

Your wedding in The Hamptons should be fun

I was able to photograph their reception decor under the tent while Cindy and Matt enjoyed cocktail hour. This is always a great way to organize the flow. Your wedding isn’t a photoshoot; it’s your wedding. That seems obvious but there are so many trends out there pushing for elaborate wedding day photoshoots that take away precious time. I’m all for couples being with their people and keeping the photographs beautiful yet uncomplicated.

Laughing, dancing, tears of joy under a wedding tent

This was such a joyful wedding reception. The first dance. The speeches. And of course my favorite speech was by the best man, Cindy’s little brother. With written speech in hand, he began “Everyone knows how much I love my sister Cindy…..” then suddenly tears and a major group hug. And so it went, one great moment after another until the last dance.

What an amazing wedding day! It was such a privilege to witness and to document these two families coming together through marriage. And for you, the film lover, this wedding was shot entirely on 35mm and medium format film 🙂

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