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I’m going to share with you what motivates me, what gets me going as a wedding photographer, and why I do what I do. Now this may or may not be interesting to you but I find myself answering some version of this question again and again when I meet newly engaged couples. But here it is: I do what I do for the security of marriages.

Your marriage is worth protecting

One evening I spent some time catching up with one of my wedding couples. Now this was several years ago. But I will never, no matter how many couples I photograph, ever forget this. The husband told me that he and his wife had had this one huge argument. In total frustration, he went and just looked at their wedding photos. He went through them one by one. After a few minutes going through his wedding pictures, he began to remember why he loved his wife, how close they were, and how miraculously they got together in the first place. And he started to fall in love again.

A gratifying realization about wedding pictures

When he told me about that, I was a little bit stunned and more than a little bit gratified. I was gratified, not that they argued, because everybody argues; but because the photos that I’d taken had helped strengthen their marriage. I was like “Wow! My photos can do all THAT!”

Your wedding photos will win the argument

And so it is with you. You’ll have arguments, and some pretty major ones too. You’ll wonder why on earth you didn’t just stay single and carefree and uninterrupted by other people’s problems. You’ll definitely wonder sometimes. But your wedding photos will win the argument against love, and marriage, and a long-term, satisfying relationship. Your wedding photos will one day, in one way or another, help you answer the question of why you got married in the first place. And for me, that it EVERYTHING.

My Why helps to answer your Why

Everything on your wedding day will either be eaten, packed away, or thrown away. But your wedding album full of photographs will be the only tangible item reconnecting you to that day. I take great pleasure, honor, and delight in being entrusted with those very precious memories. I don’t mean to sound all schmaltzy! It’s just that when he said that about the argument and how he settled his heart and mind….. something in me just clicked. You’ll find lots of tips on how to hire a wedding photographer. But before you do that, it may be a good idea to understand what wedding pictures mean to you.

As in most of my engagement sessions, almost all of these were all captured on my favorite films using both 35mm and medium format cameras. 

If you’re curious, read more about me, my love of film photography, or my wedding photography philosophy.

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