Wedding Reception Party Photos

Wondering what my version of wedding photos showing the reception party looks like? Well, here ya’ go 🙂 Usually the number of reception photos can be significant but the proportion ending up in the album is lower. And it’s the same for prints that people order from the wedding. That’s why most of the photos on my website are from earlier in the wedding day. But I’d like to talk a tiny bit about what makes these reception photos so special.

Party shots complete the wedding day

Even though a wedding is quite joyous, it’s also a day of mixed emotions. Anticipation, nervousness, disappointment, excitement, worry and nostalgia can pop up at any time on the wedding day. But at the reception there’s this huge collective sigh of relief and the couple can just relax and have fun. For me, getting photos of those decisive moments during the wedding reception is a really fun.

Wedding reception lighting is so important

Obviously the ambient lighting is a choice that each couple makes. My goal is to highlight the subject of my photo while sill honoring the lighting choices that my couple has made. So the wedding reception party photos will include some enhancement of flash for sure. When it comes to flash I use a combo of on-camera flash and off-camera flash. What’s really cool is that you can also see the baseline, ambient lighting in the background.

PS: are you a photo enthusiast? Most of these party shots were captured with a digital camera, the rest were shot on Kodak film.

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