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Congratulations to Barbara and Christopher! They had a beautiful Spring wedding day in Westchester New York at The CV Rich Mansion.

Your Getting Ready Location Matters

We started with Barbara at home getting dressed with close friends and family. As you can see the location doesn’t have to be picturesque but it needs to have plenty of light. You’ll need ample light for your makeup to properly applied and to really get a good look at how your entire outfit comes together. And of course for your photos you’ll need plenty of light.

Having space to move around is also important because you’ll have your once-in-a-lifetime dress, your veil and shoes, your jewelry, your bouquet, etc, etc. And if your bridesmaids and family are there, they also need room to get ready.

And for Christopher, we met him at the ceremony location for some portraits in various spots around the church. This often works well to save time and minimize potential delays in transit.

A Catholic Church Ceremony

They had really sweet wedding ceremony at their church in Westchester that felt so intimate and special. And there are so many different ways to order a wedding ceremony at a Catholic Church. Some couples will have a complete mass, others will have a more custom-tailored ceremony. But either way, it’s really nice to have your ceremony at the church your regularly attend. As soon as everyone came outside after the ceremony, what awaited them? The glorious sounds of bagpipes musically filling the air! Even now it gives me goosebumps. So exceptional!

Wedding Day Portrait Locations

Choosing the right location for portraits on your wedding day takes careful consideration. These are the things you’ll want:

  • Proximity to the ceremony and reception locations
  • Scenery that’s interesting, whether urban or rural or in a park
  • Some areas with shade like large trees or architecture or bridges, etc
  • Walkways to make it easier for you and your bridal party to move around. High heels and grass rarely go together 🙂

Barbara and Christopher chose the perfect spot because it was a park with water, trees, walkways and lots of interesting little scenes. And the bonus was that we didn’t need to spend an hour walking around to get such varies scenery. We took some great photos and hopped in our vehicles and made it to the reception venue during the cocktail hour.

CV Rich Mansion Weddings

The CV Rich Mansion is an absolutely gorgeous wedding venue. It has a real old-school, private estate vibe. It has lovely gardens and outdoor spaces that are perfect for your wedding ceremony or photographs. Because the property is so diverse, you really have plenty of options for outdoor photos. The indoor spaces are very adaptable for whatever size wedding you want. They have a big stage where your band can set up and everyone can clearly see the band from anywhere in the room.

Barbara and Christopher had major fun dancing all night long with their guests. The scene was very jovial, light-hearted, and celebratory. What’s not to love about that?

If you’d like more information about weddings at The CV Rich Mansion, contact me!

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