What to Wear for Family Portraits | Brooklyn Portrait Photographer

Selecting outfits for your whole family can seem a bit daunting or just plain annoying. But it’s actually really easy.

Start with the person whose outfit is the most important.

Then coordinate everyone else from there. Maybe mom’s outfit will be the most important. Or perhaps the baby is the star of the show and their outfit is the most important. But all you do is select that one outfit and then coordinate everyone else’s from there. Everyone can wear jeans or neutral tones or bright colors or even the same 1 or 2 colors for everyone.

Solid colors are the easiest but simple prints in the same tones also work.

Another nice thing to do is have the one key person in a print or stripe and everyone else wearing a color picked up from that person’s print. As you see in these photos, each family coordinated their look without being too “matchy” or like GarAnimals.

Lay out all the outfits together and you’ll quickly see if something clashes.

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