Why I Choose Film

I won’t get into a debate of Film vs Digital photography. And by the way, I use both. But I will say that I love film, also known as, analog photography. At 13 years old I learned photography using 35mm film and cameras. Then when I started Wendy G Photography, I discovered the amazing beauty of Medium Format Photography. So film has been my friend for a very long time and I love it for so, so many reasons but here are a few ways that it benefits you.

Photographs on film are beautiful

Film photography has a naturally beautiful color palette that digital cameras simply cannot duplicate. And to my eye, weddings, portraits……. PEOPLE just look better when captured on film.

Film photography is timeless

These gorgeous, natural colors of film photographs will never look dated. They won’t ever need photoshop or filters to look good. Your wedding and family photographs will look just as lovely in 25 years as they do today.

Film photography is immediately archival

We can make photographs from film negatives that are 200 years old…. and counting. Your wedding and family photographs are just such an heirloom. Film is independent of soon-to-be obsolete (or soon-to-crash) storage media. Real film photography provides innumerable options now, and in the future. Technology continues to improve our ability to scan negatives and other artwork. But an image captured digitally today, will only be as good as the camera processor that captured it today.

Your wedding and family photographs are worth it.

There are so many benefits to having your wedding and family captured on film! I shoot on film because I believe that your photographs are worth it. I hope that you agree.

You may not love the look and feel of Film Photographs or Analog Photography in general, but if you do, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Film Photography has stood the test of time and continues to delight and challenge photographers worldwide to shoot their best shot. I’m a better photographer because of all that I’ve learned through shooting on film.

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