Why I love Black and White Wedding Photos

I love shooting with real Black and White Film

There’s nothing better than using classic, real Black & White film like Kodak Tri-X and Ilford HP5 or Delta. Just knowing that I have Black and White film in my camera helps me to see everything slightly differently. With my experience, I already will know what will make a great B+W photo. Black and white film is an excellent way to make a busy scene less cluttered because your eye will be drawn to that one focal point. It also eliminates discordant colors in the scene or the color of some indoor lighting. Skin tones also look lovely in black and white.

I know that a digital photo can be converted to B+W

And there are times that I will do that. But it’s just not that same intentional, curated, fine art approach that shooting with actual B+W film gives me. So what’s not to like about B+W film? Nothing! It’s always your friend 🙂

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