Why You Need a Wedding Planner

Think twice about asking your friends to help on your wedding day.

Friends are there to have fun, not to be stressed out, tying to make your wedding dreams come true. I’ve lost count of the numerous times I’ve photographed a wedding where one thing after another just went wrong, or somehow didn’t happen. Your friend from work who loves creating party favors, forgot them at home. The sister-in-law who’s helping you with hair and makeup is running late. The friend who’s doing your bouquets and centerpieces isn’t finished yet. Your cousin with the amazing car is taking too long to pick you up. And your brother, the budding DJ, doesn’t have insurance and the venue won’t let him set up. (Oooops!) Trust me. I’ve seen it all. Let your loved ones just come and have a good time.

There are just too many moving parts on a wedding day.

Find a wedding planner early on to help with all the details. Besides giving invaluable advice, they can also help you save money in many, many ways.  So you’re basically paying someone with a lot of experience so you have fewer headaches and save more money.  I wouldn’t think of planning my own wedding without professional help.

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