Why You Should Do An Engagement Session

Sometimes a couple will sit down and meet with me and somewhere in our conversation say “We already have some photos that our friends took. So we don’t need an Engagement Session.”

I believe an Engagement Session is so important for a few really good reasons.

1. First, this allows you to get comfortable in front of the camera.

I’ve only had a handful of couples who are professional models or actors. Most of us, however, need a little warming up and easing into the process. An Engagement Session is just such a time which makes being photographed on the the wedding day much more comfortable.

2. You can show off your personalities in a more relaxed setting.

You like playing the guitar? Cool bring it! You have a favorite hat? Awesome! Let’s get some great portraits of you wearing that hat! Do you both have t-shirts from some concert you went to back in the day? I’d love to see your concert t-shirts in cute outfits that we can capture. Do you see what I mean?

3. How often will you have a chance to get professional portraits of just the two of you hanging out?

I can promise you, not often enough. And maybe never again. The wedding day portraits will be awesome. And they’ll stand alone to testify for one of the most important things you’ll ever do. But there’s something special about your last few months and weeks and days of just being two people in love.

4. Engagement Session Photos can be used at your wedding.

They can be used to make awesome Save the Date cards, wedding invitations, guest sign-in books, table cards, wall portraits, etc. Several of my couples have included an engagement portrait as the opening spread in their wedding album.

So don’t be camera shy!

Book your wedding package to include an Engagement Session!

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