Your Wedding Dress Is Yours

Guess what? There is a wedding dress out there just for YOU.

Yep, there’s a wedding dress that’ll hit all the right spots, fit your body and your style.

  • Your shade of white.
  • Your most flattering cut
  • Just the right amount of detail⁠
  • As ornate or as simple as YOU want

I know the wedding mags and blogs talk about what’s in style this year or this season or whatever. But get the dress that looks good on you.

I’ve come up with of all kinds of ways to make my couples look their best. And here’s a tip: if you really truly aren’t happy with some area on your body, get a dress that can “camouflage” it. I’ve had a few brides that were a little self-conscious about their upper arms (but really, who isn’t?) If you can relate, try a dress with lace sleeves…. or off the shoulder? And ruching is great for the waistline 🙂 Okay, enough of that.

A wedding day isn’t really for NOW. It’s happening now. Of course. But what you’re putting together is to reflect upon later. It’s for when you (and your children) look back on these pictures years from now.⁠ So stop running after the trends. Spend that energy looking for a wedding dress that looks great on YOU.

You’re not spending hours and hours planning your wedding just to impress some anonymous person out there somewhere writing content about trends. No.

Your wedding dress, as the rest of your day, should reflect you.

And in that same spirit, I shoot on whatever medium I choose. As much as I can, I shoot on film, because I love it. All of the above photos were captured with my favorite films using 35mm cameras.

Here’s a blog post about a wedding dress found at Goodwill for $9 (yes!). Here’s that actual wedding at Wagner Cove in Central Park. And how about a little news regarding Vera Wang partnering with Pronovias for more affordable, but stunning wedding dresses.

Email me to talk about your wedding plans or whatever you like 🙂

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